My afternoons with Franca

Over the last few years, my acquaintance with Franca Sonnino became more intense. Under the pretext of reorganizing her photographic and bibliographic archive, we got into the habit of seeing each other almost every week! Time flies with her, between a donut, a coffee and our endless chats ! However, the eagerly awaited moment is to reach her studio where she shows me her last works: as a young artist would do , Franca scrutinizes me carefully while I observe them to share my opinion. The thing that always gets me is the sense of profound humility that characterizes her, but this is perhaps the hallmark of all great figures, artists or not.
This interview, fruit of our numerous meetings will be soon published in ARTE MORBIDA. I thank Barbara Pavan and the editorial staff of ARTEMORBIDA for the dedicated space.

ph. by Daniele Delonti