Lettera E

LETTERA_E is a cultural project aimed at the study, promotion and diffusion of the Italian art after World War II, with particular regard to the verbo-visual field, female art and to those artists often overlooked by the market because they are not well-identified in encoded movements.


The letter E contains in itself two fundamental aspects of culture: the act of defining and that of connecting. In fact, in Italian the E can be both a copula and a conjunction, the subtle difference lies in an accent. In the work of Mirella Bentivoglio, Mutilation by accentuation of 1978, the comparison between being and joining well describes the dilemma between giving up a piece of oneself to connecting to the world, or between protecting oneself from contamination to safeguarding one’s identity. Afterall, life is a continuous tension between these two opposing forces, an incessant cycle of loss and regaining of balance.

Starting from the conservation, study and promotion of the memory of a highly fervent period such as the one that goes from the end of World War II to the present day, the cultural association Letter E investigates the roots of current artistic research, witnessing its evolution. All without being conditioned by the commercial logic of “everything right now”, but in full respect of human and artistic experiences that have profoundly marked the social and cultural evolution of our country and still have much to communicate.

Among Lettera_E main tasks:

  • Study of articulated plans for cultural promotion
  • Specific curatorial projects
  • Search for commercial and institutional partnerships
  • Archives creation and management
  • Authentication management
  • Digital communication (website creation, social media management)
  • Digital art catalogues archive

LETTERA_E also has a Roman operational headquarters, an independent exhibition space, in Pigneto in Via Muzio Attandolo 14