• When I was young, I had the opportunity to
    get to know prominent personalities of the post-war Roman artistic world, from Gaspero Del Corso to Claudio Bruni, Carmine Siniscalco, Lorenza Trucchi, Palma Bucarelli. In 1990 I had already curated my first exhibition.
  • Venice, 1986

  • Ceramiques by Leoncillo Leonardi and Nedda Guidi at Amor di Ceramica , 1990

  • With Massimo Lisanti, Mirella Bentivoglio and Anna Torelli, Rome, 2008

  • A sibyl written for me by Enzo Mazzarella

  • Giuseppe Capponi, Gangemi Editore, 1991

  • Elisabetta Gut, Libro nido, 1982-2009

  • Mirella Bentivoglio, photo by Ruggero Passeri

  • In 2007, the encounter with two excellent godmothers, Topazia Alliata and Mirella Bentivoglio, determined, from that moment on, what would become my area of ​​interest: verbo-visual art, the book-object and female art.
  • La politica dei segni, Arion Montecitorio, Rome, 2005

  • Nedda Guidi, 2A2B, 1974

  • Mirella Bentivoglio, Cuscino per divano (diva/no), 1973

  • Antonio Del Donno, Vangelo, 1972

  • Threading Spaces, Repetto Gallery, London, 2019

  • Art is an impulse that pushes us to overcome ourselves, opening the way to spirituality and the search for the absolute. It is the access key to a third reality where the real world and the inner world merge together. From this awareness arises the sense of mission and responsibility that pushes me to dedicate my life to art.
  • Bologna Arte Fiera 2020, with Repetto Gallery’s staff

  • Franca Sonnino, Foglie d’autunno